2.2 Interpret Ethernet frame format


Alright, let us discuss the different parts of the ethernet frame

  1. Preamble–> is used for bit synchronization and if you have prepared your thesis are some documents, you use preamble to let signal that something important is coming.
  2. SFD( Start Frame Delimiter) –> refers to the flag or it indicates the start of the frame.
  3. Destination and Source Address –> it serves as physical identifier of the host receiver and host sender
  4. Type/Length –> it is used to identify whether there is or what higher level network protocol is included to the frame
  5. Data/payload –>Since it includes the highest amount of bytes, it is the most important as it is the data that we are actually transmitting
  6. Frame Check Sequence —> Hahaha! I remembered my ECE college days. This performs Cyclic Redundancy Checksum–> one of the methods of error detection that uses polynomial logic to check the changes or error in signal



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