Compare and contrast IPv4 address types

Good day! This time I am going to discuss the IPv4 address types, what are those? Those are unicast, muticast, broadcast addresses. I honestly only have a mnemonics to identify the differences like:

Unicast –> send to one

Broadcast–> send to many

Multicast –> send to group

One thing that I forgot is to know what are the purpose of those addresses—> to identify the sender and receiver of the frame. For example if station A and B are on the same ethernet, A sends a frame to B. A puts his own MAC address in the ethernet header and tag it as a source address and puts B’s MAC address and tag it as a destination address. When B receives the frame, he will notice that the it should be sent to him, so he will process the frame. If station B receives a frame with the destination address which belongs to station C, D, E or any other stations, he will not process the frame because it doesn’t belong to station B.

So, unicast address identifies one LAN card. Broadcast address implies that all devices on the LAN should process the frame.  The broadcast address has a value of FFFF.FFFF.FFFF. Multicast address implies that a group of devices should be the only group in the LAN which should process the frame.The multicast MAC
addresses used by IP follow this format: 0100.5exx.xxxx, where any value can be used
in the last half of the address.

Mocking Mr. J.C., ” I hope this has been informative to you and thank you for reading.”


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