1.7 Select the appropriate cabling type based on implementation requirements

Before I joined the bootcamp, I’ve learned crossover and straight through cables as simply UTP cables up until I came to realize that right choice of cable can be tricky for troubleshooting. Just imagine, you already checked the running configurations, all you thought you programmed it inaccurately and then all of the sudden, one of the power indicator for the switch is not lighting up because you input the wrong cable.


Before, I just  memorized the difference of these cables on a difficult manner, but just looking at the picture, I’ve realized that the reason why crossover cables are called crossover cables because the strands crossover. Just notice 1 and 2 crossover with 3 and 6 and vice versa.Going back to the title, we have to figure out what type of cable we have to use based on the device implementation.

Here’s my technique/mnemonics:

1.)Crossover –> for Same devices

Straight through –> Dissimilar devices

2.) I treat switches the same as hub.

3.) All of the devices  attached to the switch must use straight through

except: switch to switch and switch to hub

So let’s try to answer this question:Each answer lists two types of devices used in a 100BASE-TX network. If these devices were connected with UTP Ethernet cables, which pairs of devices would   require a straight-through cable?

  • a. PC and router
  • b. PC and switch
  • c. Hub and switch
  • d. Router and hub
  • e. Wireless access point (Ethernet port) and switch

The answers are:

  • PC and Switch;
  • Router and hub;
  • Wireless access point (Ethernet port) and switch

–> So once again, almost all devices connected to switch must use straight through but we need to exempt hub and switch because I assume that they are similar and since we assume hub and switch are similar, we have to consider router and hub as one of the answers.

You may include  to your list for Crossover cables:

  • Similar devices
  • Switch to switch
  • Router to router
  • Hub to hub
  • Switch to hub
  • Pc to pc
  • Router to pc

And for straight through cables:

  • Switch & hub
  • Switch to router
  • Switch to PC
  • Switch to server
  • Hub to PC
  • Hub to Server
  • Router and hub

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