1.6 Network topologies Comparison

Network topologies that the CCNA exam covers only the Star, Mesh and Hybrid. Well, maybe this will be just the shortest blog because this must be the most basic knowledge that an tech guy must know.So too much for the flowery words, let’s discuss the star topology 44343

Star- The advantage of the star topology is that there is a central device that serves as the mediator for every station and the station seems to be indirectly connected to each other.The disadvantage is that it is too costly and it is hub or central device dependent. A fall of the central device means down of the system.


Mesh- I am so sorry if the best way for me to explain different topologies is to provide the picture of it. But yeah, visual learners like me can just simply learn by looking into pictures. Mesh topology , if you will observed each computer is interconnected to each other. That is the simplest way to explain Mesh though there are some theoretical background that we can dig deeper with Mesh like Reed’s law, flooding and routing, it is important for us to know the disadvantages of Mesh are difficult installation and expensive cabling. On the other hand, it’s good when it comes to providing security, privacy and troubleshooting would be easy.


Hybrid- very self expalanatory. Hybrid topologies are mixture of both topologies. The disadvantage of one topology may offset by the advantage of the other one. Thus, the reason of making hybrid topology is to eliminate the shortcoming of the network.


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